Local cuisine in Cozumel: what are your dishes?

Cozumel distinguishes itself among several factors as another jewel of our national crown. One of them, perhaps the most important, is gastronomy.

The origin of the typical dishes of Cozumel goes back to very remote times. From the outset, the Yucatecan cuisine is the main pillar, however the indigenous and Spanish influence are both very marked. The mixture of flavors, aromas, spices result in a strong gastronomic identity and undoubted personality.

Next, we tell you about Five typical dishes of Cozumel.

1. Cochinita pibil

Who does not love to have a good taco of cochinita pibil during the weekend? Or, being fair, on any day of the week. Of course, with its good portion of purple onion and a rich sauce.

The term kid It refers to a pre-Hispanic technique in which dishes with banana leaves were wrapped to be baked later underground. This Yucatecan dish originated in the wake of the Conquest, when the Spaniards brought pork.

The cochinita pibil and its authentic flavor has conquered the entire world, although in Cozumel it is a very local dish and, without a doubt, the best recipes to prepare it are found on the Caribbean island.

Where to eat cochinita pibil in Cozumel

2. Papadzul

The papadzul radiates majesty from the name. This one comes from the Maya father, which means food, and dzul, gentleman. That is, & #8220; men's food & #8221; or & #8220; food of the lords & #8221 ;. It is also believed that it could pick up its origin from papak (very spread) and zul (soak, soak, banquet).

The craving consists of small corn tortillas soaked in a sauce based on pumpkin seeds; They are stuffed with chopped cooked egg, rolled up like tacos and bathed with more nugget sauce and some tomato sauce.

Typical dishes of Yucatecan cuisine

3. Cazón bread

One of the spoiled dishes of Yucatecan food and Cozumel Island is the cazón bread. It can be served as a starter or as a main course, according to the taste of the guests. It is prepared using, as the name implies, tortillas with dog meat, tomato sauce with habanero and bean sauce.

Where do I find bread from Cazón in Cozumel

4. Tikinxic

Is pronounced & #8220; teekeen sheek & #8221; in Yucatec Maya; means: & #8220; dried fish & #8221 ;. It is a collection that is used in the Yucatan Peninsula to spice up food. The original cooking is done grilled with firewood and coconut shells. This dish is basic within the range of dishes covered by the local cuisine of Cozumel!

Fish-based dishes in Cozumel

Image: Taco Guru

5. Ceviche

Although the origins of ceviche occurred, presumably, in Peru, although others fervently claim that in Spain, this dish is part of the basics of cooking in Cozumel. There are several sites and restaurants within the island specializing in ceviche, each with an unsurpassed recipe, so it is difficult to decide which one is better. What we can assure: nobody prepares ceviche like the Caribbean!

The best ceviche in Cozumel

The gastronomy of Cozumel has a wide culinary proposal that is manifested thanks to the cultural diversity of the island. The food is based on Mayan, mestizo, national and international recipes, and has a place, for its originality and flavor, within the gourmet kitchen.

Don't forget to accompany your favorite dish with a delicious cocktail by the sea!