Cozumel: the best five places for snorkeling and diving!

Our beautiful Cozumel is a Mexican island paradise off the coast of the Mexican Caribbean where you can perform endless recreational activities, among which, of course, snorkeling and diving.

In Suites Turquesa by Guru Hotel We know that many of our visitors, national and international, are passionate about these sports, so we make a list of the 5 best places for snorkeling and diving. 

1. Lever

The site is located in the Cozumel Arrecifes National Park and is one of the tourist and local spoils alike. The reef has incredible caves and falls, as well as being home to sharks and barracudas. If you want to know all the splendor, beauty and essence of Cozumel, we recommend this place. Do not forget that Palancar is a beach, so access is very, very easy! 

Palancar is located at 21.1 kilometers of Turquoise Suites. 

Hotel route to Palancar here

2. Cozumel Reef National Park

Three separate reefs parallel to the coast make up the Cozumel Reef National Park. It is said that they are the three most beautiful reefs in the world. It has an unthinkable variety of fish, corals and mollusks. Entering its waters is getting lost in a living rainbow, due to all the organisms that inhabit the belt. This may interest you: it is one of the top places to dive night. Ideal for a couple!

The park is located at 38.6 kilometers of Turquoise Suites.

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What can you see?

Sponges, giant holoturias, shoals, angel fish, sea cucumbers ...

3. Heaven

If you are going to snorkel in El Cielo, you will discover that it is full of marine stars, hence this sandbar receives its name. Here, the Caribbean shows a different face, the water is crystal clear and shallow. Getting to El Cielo is very easy, as it is part of a tour offered by many travel agencies. There is an infinite range of possibilities to do this tour and practice snorkeling.

Heaven is at 27.4 kilometers of Turquoise Suites.

Hotel route to El Cielo here. 

Best places to snorkel in Cozumel

4. Chankanaab

Probably one of the most famous, because in Chankanaab you can not only snorkel, But swim with dolphins! Another of its great attractions is that you can admire Mayan archeological sites and stroll through the jungle. The reef has a maximum depth of 70 m (perfect for beginners in diving). Evenyou will see manta rays!

There are other activities and shows to enjoy with the whole family such as sea lion show, crocodile and manatee show, Eco-Archaeological tour, zip line and much, much more.

The entrance includes parking, toilets, life jackets, showers and dressing rooms, swimming pool, Casita Maya, Pre-Hispanic Répilcas, Tropical Garden, Crocodile, Tequila Museum, Hammocks and Beds, beach, sea seals and many other things.

Chankanaab is located at 11.9 kilometers of Turquoise Suites.

Hotel route to Chankanaab here

5. Dzul-Ha

Dzul-Ha has a great variety of lobsters, rays, fish and crabs. It is very special for snorkeling, because the underwater landscapes that it shows are unique. It has a restaurant and beach club bar. The experience is integral! 

The reef is at 15 minutes in downtown car.