Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to establish the way in which the data of the USER is managed on this website under the administration of GURUHOTEL. We invite the USER to read the policies and accept them before continuing browsing through the site.

Before we begin, we remind you, dear USER, that GURUHOTEL is committed from the beginning to the prevailing privacy in the relations with you USER, customers and contacts, guaranteeing to make the best possible use of the data we collect.

Our website undertakes not to share, under any circumstances, the data obtained from the USER through the portal, or transfer them to third parties unless prior notice and authorization of this for its use.

However, the user is advised that this website may have links to third-party websites, whose privacy policies may differ from ours. Because this is beyond our control, we cannot be responsible for the use of USER data on these websites.

We reiterate our adherence to Mexican legislation as contained in our Legal Notice, in particular, for this section, to the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties in its current version, as well as in a supplementary manner to the Federal Code of Civil Procedures and the Federal Law of Administrative Procedure. Our website is under the jurisdiction of Mexican law and the courts of Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico.


This website will store personal data for the contact and conduct of commercial operations, as these are essential for this purpose. Failure to send this data implies, therefore, the impossibility of contacting or carrying out commercial operations with GURUHOTEL. The activities that require this type of storage and granting of information are:

  • Subscriptions to the GURUHOTEL newsletter
  • Data collection for making reservations
  • Request quotes via email
  • Queries through the site contact form
  • When requesting services and / or products offered by GURUHOTEL

The personal information collected will be used among other things, to contact if necessary to the user, and to grant it information about the services or products that you have acquired. Send promotional and informational content through subscription mechanisms; manage the sale of products; and to ensure compliance with the conditions of use and respect for the law if necessary.

Thirdparty services

In order to improve the experience and expand the options we offer to our clients, we share information with services provided by third parties. These services are necessary for the correct performance of the page and to provide the best possible experience to the USER. The third parties have been carefully selected by us in order to seek to comply, as far as possible, with what we undertake on this page, including our privacy policies.

Data capture systems

The GURUHOTEL website uses various systems for the capture of personal information prior authorization of the USER for the processing of your personal data as indicated in this Privacy Policy. As a USER, you have the right to revoke the consent previously granted through the means of contact mentioned in our Legal Notice.

The data capture systems we use are the following:

  1. Content subscription forms: These are forms through which you as a USER can subscribe to our newsletter, which includes promotions and information about this page managed by GURUHOTEL. When you subscribe we will verify the existence of your email through a confirmation email; This message is sent by [email protected] with the subject “About privacy policies”. To use this service it is essential to click on the link provided by the email. The confirmation does not compromise any more personal data than previously agreed upon at the time of the subscription. You can unsubscribe from this service whenever you USER wishes.
  2. Contact forms: These are forms used to contact GURUHOTEL directly when requesting additional information, complaints, suggestions or locations. The data entered through these will be exclusively for identification purposes and an adequate conflict resolution (if necessary) and provide an adequate and personalized service.
  3. Cookies:  The USER when browsing our site, cookies are stored. Everything related to its use and what they understand, can be found in the part referring to cookies in this Privacy Policy

About the specific subscription forms

At the time of subscribing to our newsletter, the USER must understand that they have access to their username and email, and also undertakes that the data they are providing are true, verifiable, updated, real and accurate; and any communication through them will be possible. Likewise, he undertakes to keep his data updated, being he solely responsible in case of falsehood or inaccuracy and the damages that may be caused to GURUHOTEL or its subscription.

About specific cookies

Cookies are small data that are found in text files that are stored on the computer or device when loading a website in a browser. Its use focuses on remembering user preferences, either through a “session cookie”, used for a single visit or with “persistent cookies” that accumulate the experiences of multiple visits. Cookies have the function of achieving a consistent, efficient and personalized experience for the users of a website. Among the various functions they have are allowing users to remain connected when they log in. These cookies can be implemented at the time of connecting to this site through “origin cookies” or through third-party websites with a presence on our site through “third-party cookies”.

This website, under the administration of GURUHOTEL, uses both source and third-party cookies to provide you with a consistent and personalized experience during your browsing. To prevent these from being implanted when browsing, you can select in the configuration of your browser, not store cookies.

This site has three different types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: They are those that aim to make the website work properly in the most basic way. Includes user sessions when booking, the “shopping cart” at that time and everything related to electronic commerce in general. It is important to mention that the website could not function properly without these cookies.
  • Operating cookies: They store user preferences when browsing, such as language and location. They are not used to track visitors to external sites.
  • Action cookies: They are performance cookies that have the function of accumulating information on how users interact with the website, this includes, for example, visits, duration of sessions, among other things. Their function is to improve the operation of the site through the data.
  • Advertising and / or tracking cookies: They are used to display advertising that might be relevant to you USER based on your search preferences, placing personalized ads, adjusted to your preferences. They are usually established by third parties, they are automatic and trustworthy; They are persistent in nature.

About third party cookies; Different websites and the same, may use cookies outside those of this site in order to improve the experience of you USER. These include social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo. The cookies set by these third parties are beyond our control, more is guaranteed and ensures that they are safe for the user. We have no control over them, therefore, we are not responsible.


Having read this Privacy Policy, the USER is informed of the conditions concerning their privacy and how it is affected by browsing our site. Similarly, from the moment you start browsing this website, you accept and consent to the aforementioned treatment of your personal data, being GURUHOTEL who administers them, and who at the same time is exempt in the aforementioned cases of any responsibility.

Changes to the privacy policy

The privacy policy may be modified by GURUHOTEL at any time it deems appropriate, in order to adapt it to the applicable legislation. GURUHOTEL will inform its users of the changes through announcements on this website of the modifications. It is the responsibility of the USER to read and properly understand what is stated in the possible new policies.


GURUHOTEL does not carry out practices that fit or are similar to SPAM, so it will not send commercial emails electronically if they were not previously requested or authorized by the USER. The consent can be given through the subscription forms, contact and through the reservation system; Commercial information sent through these channels will be understood as accepted at the time of contact or subscription.

With nothing more to add, we thank you USER, your time and understanding.

Thank you.