How to get?

From Cozumel Airport

Rent a car or take a taxi and proceed to leave the airport. When you reach the roundabout of the seagulls located on Av. Antonio González Fernández, go to the right until you reach the intersection with Av. Rafael E. Melgar (coastal), where you will turn right again. On the avenue, it advances approximately one kilometer. On your left, you will find a three-story blue and turquoise building. That way you will have arrived at Turquesa Suites.

From the Maritime Terminal of Cozumel

From the Cozumel maritime terminal, merge onto Rafael E. Melgar Avenue (coastal) to the left, where you will advance for approximately 2 kilometers. On the left side you will find a three-storey building with white and turquoise blue. That way you will have arrived at Turquesa Suites.

If you take a taxi, simply indicate that you go in the direction of the North Hotel Zone of Cozumel, towards Turquesa Suites, which is located before the first corner, next to a building that is named Cantamar Condos. Our accommodation has the name "Turquoise" on the outside.